About us

With over 30 years experience and success in Professional Sales, Marketing and Management across a broad range of Sectors the one thing any business needs is Sales, to allow it to make the profits required to grow, develop and expand.

The Challenge

Whilst the owner of the business will obviously have a passion and belief in the product or service they provide, they may not have the budget confidence or expertise to generate new sales. Obviously if you are purely an online business you will have a different set of challenges other than face to face sales but we can also help with those issues

The Solution

We provide an Interim or part time Sales Solution where we get immersed in your business to understand what it is that you do and the challenges that you face. We can then look after the sales of your business ny doing face to face sales calls, implementing sales processes and helping you drive the business forward.

Our costs

We offer a variety of packages to suit every budget, please get in touch with your require. Our charges are dependent upon the level of service you require and the budget that you have

Next Step

If you would like to know more please get in contact with me at paul@sdsolutionsgroup.com