About me

With over 30 years experience in Professional Sales, Marketing and Management across a broad range of Sectors the one thing that is common throughout is the ability to communicate and negotiate in a face to face situation. Many people say that the way forward is just online sales, which is true it is a growing trend, but the ability to confidently network, present your products and deal with real people and the challenges that this presents is not something a lot of people relish.

Never Giving up !

Legend has it that Walt Disney was turned down 302 times before getting finance for this dreams of creating Walt Disney World. Its also been said that KFC Founder Colonel Sanders was rejected 1009 times before finding a taker for his chicken recipe, its is reported that the pitch he used was “I have the best chicken recipe in the world, I dont  want to sell the recipe to you, but a want paying each time you sell a piece of chicken with my recipe, on the 1010 time some took him up on his offer and the rest is history.

Lifetime Challenges Losing your job

As the title of this section states losing your job is one of the worst challenges that you will ever face. No matter who you are and whatever profession you may be in it does not come naturally for many people to crumble when faced with marketing the most important thing in the world …… Yourself. Embarrassment, poor self image, lack of routine, rejection and the days ticking away can very quickly dishearten even the most confident of people. We can offer practical help and daily motivation, and give direction to help you get where you ant to be. We a compassionate, committed and focused in helping you achieve your goals

How we can help you

We offer a free initial consultation to understand your particular challenge. It might be any of the following

Help finding a job

Interim Sales Support

Personal Concierge Services

Management and assistance

Being the face of your company for a day week or month

There are numerous ways we can assist you, please get in touch with your requirements and we will see what we can do to help you ?

Anything else

We hope that you have enjoyed looking at our website and hope that you have found the service that you were looking for. If there is a service that you require that is not listed please get in touch with your challenge. We are very good at finding solutions please call us on 07891 341414 or email info@sdsolutionsgroup.com