Our founder Paul Harrison set up the company with the aim of providing Solutions to problems we encounter daily, and to take the stress away from you. We offer a truly bespoke business for individuals and businesses alike.

We solve problems by providing innovative Solutions for our Clients. Whether you’re at home, in the office, in a shop or factory or on a building site problems will crop up that you, in the thick of them, can see no obvious solutions to.Many such irksome problems we’ll bet we can solve.

By calling us in we can give impartial advice and using the experience within our team we solve the problems for you.

The range of services that we can offer are varied in scope and nature. From sourcing the right electrician, to creating your own website and looking aft yer your Social media, to getting goods moved around with time critical deadlines and providing on Demand Management Services and Sales Support we know we can make a difference with affordable, reliable and trusted services

Some familiar faces that you might know who have used our services


That’s Paul with another illusion of “Grand Designs”